• Reflections of Myself

    January 2, 2001

    Awakened by the sound of retreating sun and advancing moon, A tired soul lies silent in the throes of time, Staring blankly with tear-rimmed eyes into a future Filled with familiar strangers that know him all too well. A thousand voices fading haunt him from behind, Yet nonexistant sounds of hope ring clear from tomorrow’s... Read More

  • November Night

    December 3, 2000

    November air, sharp and cool and still Here I lie. Engulfed within a field of swaying dreams; As they stare- The pin-pricked sparks on eternal light- Can you hear them whisper? An opal moon yawns a great white light That washes the world in a lucid illusion. My mind is lulled by the silence of... Read More

  • Treasure Gone But Not Forgotten

    June 13, 2000

    Today I lost a treasure. I held each one in my arms and whispered farewell. Each one seemed so real, but now- All that exists is the echo of them. Listening in this silence I hear nothing save the mind’s voice that plays, And plays, and would play, and soon forgets. I have always imagined... Read More

  • Retrospect Verse

    January 29, 2000

    An Inward Reflection of the Past MEMORIES are odd things. It’s as if the past is so much more than the present. Our brains store every tiny detail that made each childhood event perfect and globs it together into one big thought of happiness. When we think back on childhood, everything seems so much different... Read More

  • Tides of Life

    September 3, 1999

    I laugh a lot. I cry a lot. Visions of greatness frequent my thoughts. Why must life be a cycle of day and night? A swell of joy and an ebb of tears That wash over the wreckage of a life- Smashed on the rocks of fate. And tomorrow is another day. Another day. Another... Read More

  • Beauty in the Ordinary

    January 18, 1999

    Within human nature lies the crafty creature of Ignorance. He has stolen truth from many a man with his subtle ways. But the beast claims not only truth as victim; but beauty as well, for truth is beauty. On occasion, this scaly-eyed monster will wake and snatch the ability to appreciate beauty from the eyes... Read More