Memory Lane (Part the First)

I got thinking about all the people I know and all the people they know and all the people that I know who know many of the people that I know, and I thought, “Wouldn’t it be a good idea to tell everyone I know where everyone that I know is, so if they know them, they’ll know too!” My thoughts are rarely coherent and almost never trustworthy, but I did this after midnight when thoughts go to sleep and memory wants to dream, so please accept my humblest apologies. This is a byproduct of the treacherous subconscious. This may not be truth, but this is what I know.

Travel back to 1982, Faith Christian Academy in Stotville, NY, which just recently closed its doors summer of 2004. My kindergarten teacher Mrs. Fournier was still teaching there until its recent closure.

Third through fifth grade (1985-1987), Columbia Christian Academy (still alive and well under the direction of Pastor Osbourne from what I understand): Last I heard, Philip Perrot was in trouble with the law, but this news is more than ten years old. Billy Baldwin was also in some legal trouble, but beyond that I don’t know much. I’ve heard very strange things about Tshama Wright—something about running off to another country with a child that she did not have custody over. These are all fairly vague rumors I’ve heard blowing in the wind. If anyone knows differently, I’d be happy to find out. Regina Jenner is still up in the Chatham/Hudson area, but may be married and is doing I know not what. Brendon Perkins is also around the Chatham area, but that’s all I know. My best friend from grammar school, Nathan Wolfe, is married now and taught for a few years at Upton Lake Christian School. He left a year or two ago for reasons I don’t know. Jason Covalli moved with his parents to Atlanta where he and his brother David now work at their family’s own pizzeria (with excellent slices I might add). Last we spoke he isn’t married but is heavily into sailing and owns his own boat.

On to Saratoga Christian Academy, which sadly closed its doors around 1996 or 1997 due to legal issues. I went to SCA from sixth to ninth grade (1988-1991). Mrs. Corrine Mulligan lost her husband early in 2004 to a tragic staff infection and her sons Dan and Mike are both on the police force in Saratoga Springs. John and Chris Bujanowski now live in Malta. Mrs. Ball was working at the Bon-Ton last I saw her, but this was quite a few years ago. Michelle Senn and Chris Allen are married. Bob Priest lives in the Saratoga area and works as a network consultant. Mike Stark is an engineer in Troy. Lara (Petteys) and John Priest are married and have a few children. Mark and Susan Nicholson now live in Gansevoort with two beautiful children, Haley and Ryan. Mark released his first CD in 2004. Naomi Nicholson is single living in Florida. Allison Knorr is married with one child and is currently a missionary to New Guinea. Her brothers Tom and Steve Knorr still live in the Saratoga area and her parents are active at Durkeytown Baptist Church. Sarah Knorr (from what I understand) married a devout Catholic man and has since left the family church. Last I heard, Aaron Kingsbury was working as a youth pastor, but that was quite some time ago. Mike Cole is a single dad living in Saratoga raising his two young children.

Tenth through twelfth grade I was home schooled and had a great group of friends at Wilton Baptist Church’s home school group. Tim Jackson met Crystal at Bob Jones University, married her and now teaches Psychology there. His brother Greg lives in Miami and his other brother Josh is married and lives in Wilton. Sonya Irish is currently working on her doctorate degree in Psychology and while she’s not married, I hear she’s interested in someone. Her sister Deirdre Irish, however, is married to Dale and just gave birth to a son. Jen Eaker is a case worker in Florida. (Carl) Nicholas Barr is married and is currently serving as an officer in the Navy. Bethany Hilliard is married and is expecting her fourth child (I believe), her brother Alex is serving in the military and Emily is in college at PCC (and enjoying it from what I hear).

Well, this was the first wave. College and youth pastorates are next on the list. I’m sure I missed a glut of people, so if you find any mistakes, or need to make additions or deletions, just email me and let me know. Thank you for indulging a fool’s walk down memory lane. This is just what I know.