I Watched My Savior Die

I saw The Passion of The Christ tonight, and I am very tired. I will only write a little, because I need to let it sink in.

I suppose everyones reaction will be different. I went with my parents and they were fairly straight-faced. My brother and sister-in-law were somber and my sister was amazed. If you don’t really know Jesus or believe in who He was and what He stood for, the movie is just a Braveheart-esque movie with violence to boot.

But I just got done watching my Savior give His life for me. I cried, but they were the first involuntary tears I’ve shed in a while. I did not know I was crying until they touched my chin. In Simon’s betrayal I saw myself, cursing God as I’ve done often enough before. And as he was being scourged, I literally sobbed because…

…well, maybe this is to personal to share, because not everyone will understand; but I felt like so much of what I fight over and complain about means NOTHING in light of Jesus.

This was not a Shayamalan plot twister; nor was it a Woo action film. But it did for my view of Christ what Saving Private Ryan did for my view of war. Sobering. Compelling. Ultimately life-changing.

I watched some guys get up, laugh and bang elbows as they were walking out. They probably didn’t see the movie I saw. In the final scene, Mary was looking at ME…