A Handy Reference For Movable Type Template Tags


Update: is no more, sadly.

I’ve had a hard time finding my way around the current Movable Type documentation, especially the tag reference, and I’ve heard some others saying the same thing; so I put together a new site that lets you get at all of the tags in a number of different ways. If you find it helpful, cool; if it’s not your thing, that’s cool too. Just trying to make it easier to find/use MT template tags.

Some of the things still on my to do list:

  • Add miscellaneous tag related help: Global tag attribute filters and date formats. Prominent links back to the official MT User Manual.
  • Downloadable/printable PDF tag reference: An at-a-glance tag reference card so you don’t have to keep switching screens to look up your MT tags.
  • More Code Samples: The real purpose of this site is to have real-life examples of these tags in action, much like the O’Reilley cookbooks. Ideally this process of posting/sharing examples will be automated.
  • Tag Versions: With the release of MT4, some older tags are deprecated, some newer tags are introduced. Look for markers soon to help make this reference version-specific.

Hope it’s a helpful!