the gentleman’s door dilemma

gentlemen, have you ever found when reaching to hold open a door for a lady the handle on the side opposite where you’re standing? never fails. approach gracefully, lean to pull the door and realize that i must first reach across the girl, essentially shunning her with all of my body in a fairly innocuous gesture. an open door with an arm (at best) in the face of the recipient of this ill-shaped chivalry.

i must then either push the door and remove the arm, allowing her just seconds to race through before being clobbered by the return swing, or step in ahead, the nail in any dating man’s coffin.

or better yet, the door you reach for could be locked. then while you’re standing there tugging on a locked door, she walks in without you, being sure to first shoot a glance of sufficiency your way. worst part is you know she’s right.