• The Fall of Man: Part 1

    January 4, 2004

    The following is an extremely vivid dream I had this week. I woke in fright and after much consideration, I think the theme of this is ‘genuine faith’. There are three parts: The wind whipped around the four of us as if it too wanted us dead. Gunshots popped nearby and with each one the... Read More

  • Apathy, Hypocrisy and Other Pop Character Traits

    December 10, 2003

    It seems like this week more than any in a long while I have been inundated with people who say one thing and live another. I have students who say they believe in and worship God but give no visible indication to the reality of those claims. I hear people speak their religion as if... Read More

  • Self-Proclaimed Martyrdom

    January 25, 2003

    Like a child standing, gazing At the verigated flames As they lick their pyre-tongue, Play their deadly pyre-games. Inner-person smothered Underneath the rosy blaze; The mind at rest in ashes With the eyes a distant glaze. Awake, you inner-vagrant, Recognize your living claim; Life consists of so much more Than just hiding in the flames.

  • The Great Transition

    November 15, 2002

    The heavens cried, the teardrops fell And spattered on the streets of hell. A smoky haze entombed the town, Devoured souls without a sound. Each ghostly form, devoid of life Cut here and there – a piercing knife Now thrust into a weeping form As sorrow haunts him, black and warm; And never-spoken fears arrest... Read More

  • Struggling With An Atrophied Brain

    October 5, 2002

    Why does it seem that life is so difficult? A breath of fresh air today really is a breath of fresh air. Nature – from my tainted vantage point – has still retained its simplicity and innocence. The world of us still runs unthrottled around it, but the grass still dances in long October sunlight,... Read More

  • The Sugar of Vanity, The Honey of Truth

    April 23, 2002

    “The sugar of vanity, the honey of truth” -Mary Oliver Having sipped the froth off of a malt-barley day and having taken into account every mortal thing, I sit and I weep. They are tears of salt-mourning that come because no one longs for truth. Men that felt hot lead in their heart and cold... Read More

  • The Death of Conscience

    January 13, 2001

    A sliver slipped beneath the skin Of one whose soul bore pain within; This broken body, rent and torn, Lay trembling on a dew-touched morn. The hand of Conscience, beaten, red Moved slowly down the wood and bled. An angry heaven wept its light As if to make the darkness right, And purge the valley... Read More

  • Lessons From A Wise Man

    December 23, 2000

    “It took the wise men longer to find through wisdom what the shepherds found through revelation.” -Keith Gardner They were willing to give time, effort and reputation to seek the Savior-child, and they were not satisfied until the found Him. They knew who to worship and they brought Him gifts that cost them something. If... Read More

  • The Point of Decision

    June 12, 2000

    A number of years ago, fewer than I care to admit, I finally came to the point where I saw the Christian life clearly and I was faced with two great paths: self-denial and self-indulgence. Decisions could either be made because it was what I wanted, or because it was what I knew was right.... Read More

  • House of Cards

    April 16, 2000

    There is a mystery behind flickering neon signs; The scent of saltwater and fish on the pallid air Breathed out with an exasperated sigh By a tired city. Drones, hums and rumbles laced with laughter, So many noones screaming for attention yet Absent of humanity; devoid of soul Save one cry. Stale winds and gaping... Read More