Bridled Rage

I’m convinced rage is like a gag reflex. If you’ve eaten too much or something that doesn’t settle well, your body wants to clench up and expel the unsatisfactory items inside. Rage is that passionate nauseam that has to be constantly swallowed until the soul can settle the emotional disturbance. Sometimes it’s too much for the body to handle and despite the best efforts of a tactful and disciplined tongue, anger is vomited on all present. And as vomiting is peculiarly contagious, so rage often begets rage and before too long there is a stinking mess to be cleaned up.

But, oh, it feels good sometimes, doesn’t it? Feels like a cleansing – like you’re ready to start again, only this time you’re going to put the good stuff in.

Did you ever notice that after a big rich or greasy meal your body just needs to lie still for a while, not moving, not exercising, just resting? Sometimes anger needs that. A rest.