The Move Is On

Things are progressing quickly and smoothly as we transition from our old apartment to our new apartment, much to the contradiction of early bumps in the road. I’ve taken some pictures of the stacks of boxes in our old apartment, and I’ll post them as soon as I can compliment them with pictures of our barren new apartment.

I must begin by saying, that I did a smash up job painting the living room. We decided to paint one wall a sort of burgundy/late tomato mix that really helps accent the drab that is our carpet, our linoleum, our window sills and our walls. I bought this roller that actually sucks the paint up into the handle from the bucket so you don’t need to use a roller pan. I was skeptical, but really worked out well. I’ll be sure to post pictures of the detailed trim work.

In defense of the apartment, we’ve got a really long hallway that makes it seem like a journey–an adventure–going from one end to the other. I love journeys. (Ask me if I love it next December…) And closet space! Wow. One of the hall closets is so large I’m going to lock Jess in Jessica can set up a craft room in it. We also set up the Christmas tree to make all the people from OVC helping us move feel comfy (after lugging our sofa up three flights of stairs.)

Speaking of the third floor, there are drawbacks. I pulled up the shades in the living room for a first glimpse of our view, only to be greeted by the urban sprawl/gouge-in-the-earth that is Interstate 95. I can literally see people’s faces in their trucks and cars as they drive by; I can see hands busying just before hearing the downshift. To the left is another road going beneath 95. To the right (oh blessed variety) there’s a big green billboard reminding me that I live in Glen Hollow. At least if I ever forget the number for the main office, I can just look out the window. The key is to look straight down, where there’s a tiny strip of grass and a few grumpy squirrels arguing around what appears to be a pond but is really just a rain-filled low point in the front “yard” (forgive me Father, for I have sinned).

I’m afraid I’ve painted a much darker picture than I intended too. This place is home, and we’re more than happy to have one.