Highlights from an Internet-free Weekend

It's a great thing to be unplugged for a while.  Here are some snippets from my weekend:

  1. Friday for lunch I ate an octopus at a Korean restaurant.  It popped like a packing peanut when I bit it and crumbled like rubber and the suckers stuck to the roof of my mouth.
  2. I stumbled across a rainbow while driving home.
  3. Friday night I spent with 7 kids at our local YMCA, teaching them With Jesus In The Boat You Can Smile In The Storm, helping them make picture frames for Father's Day and playing steal the bacon in a raquetball court.
  4. Friday night I drove 3 hours to upstate New York and went to sleep at 1:30am.
  5. Saturday morning I got up at 5:45am and saw the sunrise.
  6. Saturday afternoon I went to Northern Dutchess Christian School's high school graduation and got to see my American History class graduate.
  7. Saturday night we partied until the sun went down.  Frisbees with LCD's are awesome.  Firecrackers underwater are even greater.  I found a boot.
  8. Sunday we spent an hour and a half in traffic between two exits on I-87.  We did tai-bo to pass the time.  Found out later that my new car can go 100 mph.
  9. My wife taught me how to tread water with my hands over my head.  I quickly realized that I am a wuss in the pool and my wife pretty much rocks.