Piles and Piles

Well, the white stuff is here. It fell for about six hours, wet and heavy and made Langhorne a soft, frigid mess. We were at Wal*Mart when it started, looking for winter wear; the only thing we got was snow on our heads and a box of Girl Scout cookies. The cookies were nearly frozen, so at least some good came from the polar conditions. A visit to a surprisingly busy Pizza Hut and before long we decided the best place for us was off the road. We buried ourselves in marriage counseling books, Seinfeld episodes and guitar lessons for most of the afternoon, so when we finally emerged from the college’s activity center, a blizzard had swallowed us up. A foot and a half later and we’re sipping hazlenut hot cocoa and watching Napolean Dynamite with a group of college students who can already quote most of it. A snow day indeed.