Out And About, With Illustrations

Haven’t done a very good job at keeping everyone up to speed with our goings-on, so I thought I’d write up a little something and show off some of my more recent shutter-fication.

We had to leave early Saturday morning to make it up in time for Sarah’s baby shower. (She’s due any day now.) The fog was thick and driving up 31 through New Jersey was full of mystery and other things I’m not accustom to quite so early in the morning.

We got a chance to go home for a few days to visit both sets of parents and some siblings. While I was home, I had to say good by to the house my grandfather built; my parents finally closed the deal and plan to move out shortly.

It was also fun watching Sarah and John’s puppy Melody roughhousing with my parent’s dog, Cookie. I’ve never seen Cookie look quite so young and playful. (Click the picture to see the whole album of them.)

The day we drove to Jessica’s parent’s house, the weather was stunning. There was a chilly breeze blowing huge white clouds across a perfect blue sky. Just down the road from my parent’s house is a meadowed hill we used to call Piotrowski’s Hill. I always wanted to build a house on it because you could see clear to Albany on a clear day. Unfortunately, someone beat me to it. But the barn has such character. I especially love the new plywood nailed over the doors. And to think, I almost passed this shot up.

And just before we reached the Clum’s house, I stopped by what I consider to be one of the most beautiful spots in all of New York: Stickles Road in Livingston. My gracious wife looked on as I snapped some of these stunning shots:

Be sure to visit my Flickr site as I’ve put quite a lot up there in the past few days.