Good news from New York! Not only are we moved in and settled, but after a twenty question Adobe Illustrator test (on which I scored a miserable 40%), a 45 minute Ilustrator performance test (solid), a math test (heaven help me… fractions), a spelling test (aced!) and a bucket of charm, FastSigns in Langhorne, PA decided to give me a job.

I’ll be working with both aspects of the job, design and production. FastSigns does work for all sorts of companies. They do signs for PBU, Sesame Place, and a host of other churches and restaurants. What’s interesting about the job is the fact that they produce most of their own signs, using gigantic twelve foot wide printers and vinyl cutouts; so I won’t just be burning holes in my retina, I’ll actually be on the floor, physically creating these signs I design.

Speaking of design, we got the apartment looking alot less like a dorm and alot more like a home. I even did a high-speed fly through for my blog readers, appréciez!

APARTMENT FLYTHROUGH VIDEO (double time to avoid boredom)