Telling Their Stories


I’ve been working on some interviews that I’ll be sharing over the next few weeks, perhaps months.

When I first thought of doing these interviews, I really just had a single goal in mind: praising the worth of people I admire. I’ve met many talented people and every one is a storehouse of knowledge, experience and history. I felt far more compelled to write about their adventures and advances than the rather pretentious work of chronicling my own.

However, I realized very quickly—even while preparing questions for my first interview—that I needed some kind of point of view. I was interviewing myself, asking the most important question: “Why do you want to interview these folks?”

The answer is plain, but it says a lot about how I view life. I’m interviewing these folks because I want to hear their stories. I believe the story of what brought you to your successes are an integral part of those successes. Of course I want to know about what you accomplished and how often you had to practice and all the technical ins and outs of your craft. But I also want to find out about the detours and potholes and the other incidentals that are usually not-so-incidental. See, I believe in a holistic life. I find that the decisions and choices people make in one part of their life impacts all the rest of it.

So these interviews will be me, talking with people I admire who have done well, giving them the attention they deserve, learning about their craft and ultimately casting a light on the path that brought them to where they are today.

I hope you find their crafts and stories as compelling as I have.