The Leap

Waking up with the sun pouring across Central Park and into our room, I can’t help but smile about July 8, 2005… the best day of my life. So many people gave so much to make it special, and it was. Seeing old friends, meeting new friends, and learning how deep love truly can be–who would have thought that a wedding day could be so much fun?

I couldn’t have been more impressed by everyone. My groomsmen looked great and were so helpful, especially Mat and Nathan. So many times I asked, “What about…” and they had already done it. Jessica’s bridesmaids (bridesmaidens?) were really the life of the party, rockin’ to oldies in the limo and doo-wop-ing in the recieving line. My two sisters especially looked good (pics to come). Both parents were unbelievably supportive, and the day was priceless. You can’t buy days that good.

Jess and I talked the day before what our ‘story’ (unplanned misfortune) would be that day, because everyone has a ‘story’. We made it through the whole day without one (unless you count dad forgetting to pronounce us and let us kiss); and then as we climbed into the car after the reception, we realized that my luggage was still back at the church in my car, 20 minutes the opposite direction from our hotel… and the pastor (unreachable by cell) had the keys to it. So that’s our story… not too bad, really.

One of the most special moments for me was hearing the song that Mark Nicholson wrote us. His depth, kindness and ability to frame the day in timeless perspective really covered the day in magic. I’ll try to post the actual .MP3 file when I get home, but the words are the power:

THE LEAP (possibly the first song ever inspired by a blog)
This is a story about a boy and a girl, and a date that became a lifetime…

Rushing in like fools despite the angel’s warning
Climbing to a higher place to fall
The perfect starry night became the perfect morning
     And found us standing high above it all
Ready now to fell the wind go rushing through us
But at the edge you hesitate afraid your wings will fail you
     Once again
          So take my hand
          Let your feet slip away

Didn’t our hearts just stop beating
Didn’t we leap for the sky
Didn’t we dare fall down higher and heavenbound
Didn’t we just learn to fly

Eleven crimson roses tell a hundred stories
And a single kiss can dry a thousand tears
A simple summer path can show us countless glories
     And a promise made today can cross the years
Ready now to take the leap of love before us
But at the edge we hesitate drinking in the beauty
     Of this day
          So take my hand
          Let your feet slip away

Didn’t our hearts just start beating
Didn’t we outrun the wind
Didn’t the world just go silent and wait for us
Didn’t we just learn to fly

A huge thank you to everyone who helped. I’ll certainly be writing more about the day, but we have a cruise to catch!