• The Weight of Ideas

    April 20, 2006

    It’s been a long day and I’ve been wrestling with some fairly monumental questions. Of course, they feel big–the universe to me–but they’re most likely just the same old questions everyone faces. It’s like seeing the Rockies. If you live there, you don’t always consider their magnitude; when you round the knoll and see them... Read More

  • So Very Thankful That My Wife Is Alive

    March 22, 2006

    I kissed Jess goodbye last night and she headed off to a ladies’ meeting at the church. Peter Pan was on television, so I sat and watched for a while. Then the phone rang. Jess was in tears. She had been in a terrible accident, but she was ok. I said I’d be right over... Read More

  • My Sick Wife

    December 13, 2005

    Keep my wife in your prayers. She called the doctor’s a few weeks ago, and instead of having her come in, they prescribed antibiotics over the phone—isn’t that illegal, Rush? So after two weeks of antibiotics and painful coughing, she calls back and they offer her more antibiotics; no thanks. Finally, she decided to visit... Read More

  • Colorless

    November 29, 2005

    Imagine a world without color, Imagine a dark without night, Imagine a rose without fragrance, Imagine a bird without flight. And if you’ve imagined this picture, This portrait of colorless art, You’ve pictured so clearly what life would be like Without you there to color my heart. Happy Birthday, Jessica Marie Gardner Love of My... Read More

  • Love Changes You

    October 16, 2005

    Sometimes I write because I want to share with everyone great things I’ve discovered. Sometimes I write because I’m trying to figure things out. And then there’s those orange nights when the train whistle blows and the mind wanders the shiny black streets and brims with so many big indescribable things. The compulsion to write... Read More

  • My Zephyr

    August 14, 2005

    She deserves it:

  • The Boy & The Girl: The Leap

    July 26, 2005

    Chapter 3: The Leap Before long, the boy and the girl made it to the cliffs. The girl did not ask about the motor boat sitting on shore. They pulled their kayak out of the water and stepped onto the mossy bank. The boy whispered something to the girl and then squeezed her hand. She... Read More

  • The Boy & The Girl: The Secret

    July 26, 2005

    Chapter 2: The Secret The boy wanted to marry the girl, but he kept it a secret. He did tell his parents, but only to ask them what they thought about the whole idea. They smiled and said yes! So the boy scratched his head and thought and thought and thought of how and when... Read More

  • The Boy & The Girl: Prelude to a Kiss

    July 26, 2005

    Chapter 1: Prelude to a Kiss Once upon a time there was a very lonely boy. “I’ll never get married.” he complained to everyone, including the girl’s parents. You see, he knew the girl’s parents very well, but did not know the girl. He had only heard about the girl, and thought she must be... Read More

  • The Leap

    July 10, 2005

    Waking up with the sun pouring across Central Park and into our room, I can’t help but smile about July 8, 2005… the best day of my life. So many people gave so much to make it special, and it was. Seeing old friends, meeting new friends, and learning how deep love truly can be–who... Read More

  • Losing A Fiancee

    July 8, 2005

    The day has finally arrived and I am counting hours instead of days or months or years. I’m tired and happy, sitting alone in bed for the last time as an unmarried man. Tomorrow at this time, my love and I will be together, this time with the same last name… I will have lost... Read More

  • Forward Motion

    June 25, 2005

    TODAY: The Big Move – Chatham to Philly TWO WEEKS FROM TODAY: The BIGGER Move – Bachelor to Husband There’s so many thoughts going through my head right now, but at the very core of them all is this absolute excitement that I am getting myself into something wonderful. Weather for the move? Hot and... Read More

  • One Year…

    June 18, 2005

    Hard to believe, but it was exactly one year ago today that I proposed to Jessica, and in just three weeks we’ll be getting married. I can still remember tossing and turning in that little camper outside the Guay’s house, running through my head over and over just exactly what I’d say to her, how... Read More

  • I Hate (Love) This

    May 31, 2005

    It’s hard to believe that there are less than six weeks left until Jessica and I are married. We had a beautiful weekend jam-packed with all sorts of good stuff; but I have to be honest. I hate this. And I love this. I love picking out a duvet cover and sheets; I hate going... Read More

  • Thoughts at a Graveside

    April 20, 2005

    Stood beside the casket of Jessica’s grandfather today. As far as I know he had no faith in Christ. Ironic, though, because so many people came out and wished beyond all hope that we’d see him again someday. The common sentiment seemed to be, we want it bad enough, therefore it must be true. It’s... Read More