A Very Happy Anniversary

I didn’t get to post this yesterday, because yesterday was July 8th, 2006, exactly one year after our wedding day, and I was busy grocery shopping with my wife.  (Nothing more romantic than comparing unit prices!)  Come to think of it, at this time last year, we were just discovering how small the rooms are in cruise ships.

So let me make make it clear, so there’s no mistake:  I am crazy for Jessica Marie Gardner.  She was brave enough to marry the year-ago me and patient enough to love the right-now me.  Thank you God for knowing just how much I’d appreciate her and keeping her around the times I forget that fact.  Here’s to a lifetime of love, friendship and amazing chicken cordon bleu!

And now, without further ado, a whirlwind tour of how it all began: The Girl, The Boy and The Encounter

And last but not least, Jess and I finally took the time while vacationing to rerecord the song we sang at our wedding.  For better or for worse:

Threefold Cord (.mp3)
by Mark Nicholson
(the JnJ remix)