Gingerbread Houses

One of our favorite traditions of the Christmas season is making gingerbread houses with the children.  Thankfully, they’re at the age where their creativity is starting to take shape and it isn’t just Mom and Dad building the houses.

Though we did have to help them frame the house.


Thankfully, this year’s frosting held better than in previous years.


Oh look, a camera…


Once the houses were assembled, two important questions remained: Is this house strong enough to hold all the candy I intend to cover it with?


And which candy should I choose…


The candy construction begins! No candy coin unwrapped! No sprinkle un-sprinkled! No Swedish fish left behind!


All the while, Elijah looked on with ferocity.  I think it was less “How much candy are they going to put on those things?!” and more “If only I could crawl, the things I would do to those houses…”


An obligatory kitschy Christmas tree shot.


Ethan thought it would be a better idea to apply the frosting to the candy instead of the house.  Live and learn, son.


Putting the finishing touches on the houses.  Anna obsessed over every detail, being sure to arrange her candy by color.


The final houses have more sugar than a piñata filled with icing.


Merry Christmas from our family to yours!