Wrong Way?

I woke up early this morning and got the crazy notion to visit an abandon part of a nearby town with my camera. See, there’s this dead end road with piles and piles of abandon you-name-it. Then, I found an old Route 13 off-ramp (right across from the Bucks County Courier Times building) that’s been blocked off for years and is all grown up. There’s even an old dilapidated billboard covered in graffiti. I only had to pull twelve ticks out of my flesh afterwards! Check out the result of my adventures in my “Wrong Way?” Flickr photoset.

In related news, I know my site looks funky in IE and my Flickr photo thumbs aren’t working on my site. I’m currently working out the bugs of this new setup, so I appreciate your patience. Yeah, yeah, I should have fixed the site instead of gallivanting around with my camera. Priorities, my friend, priorities!