Startled Fawn

I woke up before the sunrise this morning and decided to take a walk instead of tossing in bed.

I was rewarded with some amazing pictures.

On my way home, a small pathway that created a tunnel through the trees caught my eye, so I knelt down and snapped a shot. After looking down at my camera for a moment, I glanced up and saw a small fawn walk across the far end of the trail. I tried to take a picture, but the fawn had already walked out of the frame.

I nearly kicked myself for missing the shot; but as I knelt there, the foal walked back into view. I decided to stay put and see if he would walk back into the frame. To my delight, he just walked closer and closer, until he stood about twenty feet from me.

He sniffed wildly, trying to figure me out while I knelt there motionless. Finally, his better judgement overcame his curiosity and he bolted back down the pathway and off into the woods.