Sneak Peek

Yes, yes, I know, I know. I’m up way too late again. Nothing like putting all your money on a snow day. Ah well, the fruits of labor are sweet. I’ve been working on Northern Dutchess Christian School’s new website. So here’s the progression:

The new site I started tonight – I like it. Mucho Grande. The colors are fresh and the lines work well… very moving, very fluid. The little update boxes on the bottom make me really, really happy. (It’s almost all finished…)

The semi-new site I put together – very, very plain. It reminds me slightly of either dry oatmeal or wallpaper paste. Can’t decide which.

Their “old” site – done in FrontPage and ugly as a weed-whacked camel. Anyone want to submit it to Worst of the Web?


***UPDATE-2/10/05: There was no snow day… gr.***

***UPDATE2-2/11/05: Site finished!!!***