Heroes vs. 24, Part 2: Television Makes Me Cry

Well, 24 has officially become “that thing I do on Monday night” while I’m daydreaming about what’s happening on Heroes. I can only put up with so much of Jack Bauer bloodying up people. How sad that the idea of Wayne Palmer dying made me yawn (goodbye terrible acting!), while the idea of HRG dying made me cry. (I love you Claire-bear…)

Talk about powerful film making! This show is better than the movies (with almost as many special effects); brilliant story lines, convincing dialog, fantastic actors and plot twists that throw you off your seat. So many questions answered, plenty more questions asked:

** spoiler alert **

1. Is the Haitian taking Claire into hiding?
2. How much of HRG’s memories did the Haitian erase?
3. Was the man who shot Ted actually Linderman?
4. Will Matt join forces with the OWI?

Sigh. I wish they’d move Heroes to 8pm.