If you like MercyMe or Chris Tomlin, you’ll find alot to love with Starfield. While some of the musical approaches are a bit too “tried-and-true”, you’ll still find yourself popping in the CD and singing along on a long drive. Lots of layered guitars give a very processed sound which appeals greatly to some (such as myself), but if you’re more into the raw, indie guitars, you might want to steer clear of it. The drums add character to the songs… very nicely done, and the lead singers voice is versatile. They tried a very interesting effect which I have heard elsewhere, but liked here a very lot – using a very ambient guitar over top of the vocals, same pitch. The singer drops out and the guitar holds the note, blending the two into a virtually endless (but euphonic) sound. For all you ITunes users – give ’em a listen. Well worth it.