Me, Myself and iPod

*giddy laugh*


After months of waiting and saving, a birthday and a tax return, I screwed my courage to the sticking point and stepped boldy into Best Buy, making a beeline toward the ‘Portable Audio’ section. I bought an iPod.


A brand new 30Gb, iPod Photo, to be precise. On it one will find all of my 2800 songs (yes, I hate piracy, ask my students), all of my 1200 photos, every document I’ve ever written, my entire design portfolio and all of my videos, uncompressed. I can wake up to music, go to sleep to music, scroll quickly through all my photos, read documents stored on it, import all of my Thunderbird contacts, to-do lists and schedules, or just use it like a big 30Gb flash disk. If I get bored, it even has solitaire.

And for all those who think I’ve gone off the financial deep end, don’t worry. I bought a four dollar camera case from Walmart to put it in.


Jess is jealous of my new toy, so why don’t you help yourself and help her win a free one… (we’re only two short of getting it) Sound to good to be true, check out this article by my friend Joy (