Let’s Get Browsercam!

UPDATE: The Browsercam slots are all filled. Thanks to everyone who joined me—I’ll contact you all shortly with your credentials.

One of the problems with being a freelance web designer is that you can’t afford to have every system with every version of every browser sitting around your office.

So one of the things I’ve done in past years is signed up for Browsercam. Browsercam lets you see your web design on any browser on any operating system. Not only does it let you take screen captures of any os/browser/version combination, but you can also run a remote desktop of any os/browser/version combination so you can check your javascript, DHTML, forms and other dynamic functionality. The premium account includes mobile device captures as well, priority placement in the queue and 120 minute VNC sessions with an unlimited number of sessions and captures.

Trouble is, the premium account is $1000/year. Fortunately for us, that plan includes 25 users. What’s even better is that Fundable.com has a special deal with Browsercam that allows people to pledge towards a premium account. If we don’t collect the full amount in 21 days, no money is taken from your Paypal account. That’s $40/year for 25 users (just over $3/month)… not bad for full screen capture support and remote desktop access to every os/browser/version combination. And just so you know, I’ve been doing the Fundable/Browsercam thing the last few years and it really is invaluable.

Interested? Drop by our Fundable page to make your pledge. Oh, and feel free to share with anyone else interested—just use http://plas.tc/d/

As soon as the target 25 users is met, I’ll set up the accounts and mail the credentials over to everyone.

Questions? Fire away.