Waiting For Import, Meanwhile Curious Things

First, a confession. No. Rather, a determination. I keep waiting for the monumental things to happen before posting to my journal, but that’s just a ludicrous approach. Most of life is made up of passing moments that are soon forgotten. Trouble is, I’m a mite pretentious at times—I lamented this last year about the pretense of a blog—but it keeps happening. Well, since the split of my technical blog from my personal journal, most of that pressure is imagined since I now have a “professional space” and a “personal space”. Plainly put, I’m out of excuses.

So here’s what I’m going to do: I’m going to let my journal be my journal. If I don’t get readers, it’s because my life is dull. If I don’t get comments, well, I’ll go jump off a bridge. Ok, enough with that. On with the curious things…

Redefining Parental Support

A political organization recently asked me to price out a redesign of their site. So I delivered them a proposal, and they said they’d consider it and get back to me. Tonight, my parents went to a fundraiser held by said political organization (unbeknownst to me) and got a pitch by one of the organizers of the event trying to get them to donate money for their website. Good news: what they said they needed was just about what I had proposed. Bad news: my parents are cheapskates and didn’t donate anything.

Faith, A Real Life Lil’ Brudder

So I stumbled across this great video of a dog with no front legs. She hops around on her back two legs and generates enough sympathy to power several small homeless shelters:

Reminds me of Strong Bad’s Lil’ Brudder: “I can make it on mah own!”

Portable Rotary Phone

File this under what to buy the nerd for Christmas. A real rotary phone refurbished as a cell phone. Just pop in your sim card and go!