First Impressions

It’s like Pinterest and Evernote got together and had a good-looking baby.

Seriously, that’s the best comparison I can think of to describe this new visual organization tool.

The web-based tool, which bills itself as “Visual organization for creative minds: the perfect place in the cloud for your daily research, projects and online inspiration” is easy to pick up and blazing fast. I especially like how well-thought out all of the little UI-details are.

In fact, my first impression of the service was so good, I thought I’d put together a short screencast of my “unboxing”. This is me, exploring the site for the first time:

I’ll update this post in a few week and let you know if I’m still using it. I don’t even use Pinterest all that much, so I’m not entirely sure it’ll stick in my workflow — we’ll see.

I don’t seem to be able to give out invites. However, you can head over to the site and request an invite.