World War III and the American Agrarian Society

With all this sabre-rattling I feel like we’re reliving the start of World War I.  It was like a junior high spat only magnified infinitely with bloody, bloody consequences.  Everyone seems to be studying each subtle nuance of every international move:  “Was the condemnation of Hezbollah by the Arab League the beginning of a split among the Moslem states?”  “Is Israel at fault for killing civilians when Islamic militants use women and children as human shields?”  “Is Iran really the driving force behind these fundamentalist groups?”

But my question is a bit more long term…  If World War III breaks out (as Adam McCoy and Michael Goodwin have already proclaimed) and nuclear holocaust destroys our major cities, who will be in favor of returning to a more agrarian society?  The question is moot for me because my wife and I live near the Philadelphia city limits, so we’d most likely be dead.  But if we did make it through, and my body wasn’t wracked with radiation poisoning, I’d love to turn New Jersey back into the Garden State.

Anyone else really looking forward to a return to homesteading?