• World War III and the American Agrarian Society

    July 17, 2006

    With all this sabre-rattling I feel like we’re reliving the start of World War I.  It was like a junior high spat only magnified infinitely with bloody, bloody consequences.  Everyone seems to be studying each subtle nuance of every international move:  “Was the condemnation of Hezbollah by the Arab League the beginning of a split... Read More

  • Bush, Baby, Bomb

    July 14, 2006

    Boy, talk about a photo op gone bad. Can you picture all the cringing White House staffers?

  • Swollen Delaware

    June 29, 2006

    We live 10 minutes from the Delaware River, so I hopped in the car and zoomed over to Lion's Park on the water's edge in Bristol, PA.  Here are some of the shots I got: You can view the whole collection here: We're going back tonight when the tide's in…

  • Congratulations, Taylor! (with a wedgie qualification)

    May 24, 2006

    Here’s to you, man. You wanted it and you loved what you were doing and we could tell. Finally an American Idol who is more American than Idol. Yeah, you really can’t hit those low notes; but as long as you start writing meaningful songs, we’ll forgive you. (Psss… if you shout ‘Soul Patrol’ one... Read More

  • Expectations, Liberalism and Donuts

    January 21, 2006

    Did you ever notice how much we come to expect certain things in life? Like when you go to Dunkin Donuts and you expect them to have donuts. Sure, it was 12:30 am when the two of us had a hankering for donuts, but come on… the sign says Dunkin Donuts, not Dunkin Bagels or... Read More

  • The West Virginia Tragedy

    January 4, 2006

    Note: Google seems to have picked this up as a top result for “Virginia Tragedy” even though this was about the West Virginia mining tragedy; and my blog’s subsequently been flooded with people looking for more information about April 16th’s shooting at Virginia Tech. For a comprehensive list of information about the shooting, please visit... Read More

  • PCC: I Digress

    October 26, 2005

    Perhaps I spoke to soon in my September 7 post about PCC’s noninvolvement in the hurricane effort. I came across an article in the Pensacola News Journal about PCC’s involvement in Hurricane Ivan recovery effort: “Rebuild organization gets $50,000 donation – Rebuild Northwest Florida has received a $50,000 donation from Pensacola Christian College. The gift... Read More

  • The Ticket Out?

    September 22, 2005

    As the Gulf Coast reels from this gargantuan one-two punch, a thought crossed my mind. Then the meteorologists said we’re not out of the woods yet, considering the hurricane season doesn’t end until late October. The thought grew stronger and emerged as this entry. Follow me. Money doesn’t grow on trees, and if it does,... Read More

  • Who’s The Leader With A Club…

    September 13, 2005

    Mickey Mouse & Co. just launched their very first Communist-based theme park in Hong Kong and there seemed to be much rejoicing–Mousillini would have been proud. Guess who was the chief investor? You guessed it comrades and comradettes, Communist China. They’re hoping to bring in 5 million tourists this year and a whopping 19 billion... Read More

  • Not So Proud To Be An American

    August 31, 2005

    “Remember what it felt like to go back to work September 11th, or the 12th or 13th? We were mad yet proud of Americans. Well, today I felt no such pride… embarassment, frustration, sadness. What has happened to turn people in this? What happened to the ‘everyone there for each other’ of 2001? We can’t... Read More

  • ego sum vexillum

    June 12, 2005

    I can see. I can see America’s children fearlessly pushing against the winds of injustice and unrighteousness. I can see through thick gun smoke the blood stains of this country’s veins on the shirt of every fallen soldier. I can see, through the smog of foolish choices, a country standing tall. I can feel the... Read More

  • CBS (Crash, Burn, Sink)

    February 16, 2005

    Little did I know when I wrote about CBS’s many issues last February just how hard they were going to crash. It seems now that Howard, Murphy and West, the three members of the infamous Bush National Guard story that garnered so much criticism and network backlash, have been asked to resign by Les Moonves,... Read More

  • Valley of the Shadow

    February 13, 2005

    This afternoon about 15 minutes from our church in Rhinebeck, NY, a man armed with a machine gun and mindlessness strolled into Best Buy at the Hudson Valley Mall and began shooting indiscriminately into the crow. Early reports say that noone was killed-God be praised. Several people in our church had been at the mall... Read More

  • Thank You Hollywood?

    January 29, 2005

    I couldn’t help but chuckle a little bit when I saw this one. Seems as though are putting together a billboard blitz across California thanking Hollywood for their role in helping GWB get back into the White House. Points to ponder, folks, points to ponder.

  • Celebration or Extravagance?

    January 19, 2005

    Massive inaugural preparations snarl the Washington area As attention shifts to Washington D.C. for Thursday’s Presidential inauguration, attitudes will be cooler than the temperature outside. And what makes this whole situation difficult is that knowing Bush’s reputation as a firm (bullheaded?) leader, you’d think they’d do everything to counter the negativity associated with resolve. You’d... Read More