Expectations, Liberalism and Donuts

Did you ever notice how much we come to expect certain things in life?

Like when you go to Dunkin Donuts and you expect them to have donuts. Sure, it was 12:30 am when the two of us had a hankering for donuts, but come on… the sign says Dunkin Donuts, not Dunkin Bagels or Dunkin Muffins. Why in the world would you throw out a batch until the next one comes in? I don’t care if they’re an hour old, when you need a donut, you need a donut!

Or when you walk towards an automatic door at the grocery store and you expect it to open. We stood there a good 5 seconds before we realized it wasn’t opening. We just stood there. My wife even poked her finger at the door, as if to wake it up. We must have looked pretty stupid standing there, wondering what to do next. Not sure who saw the big “Use Other Door” first, but I’m glad it was 12:30–fewer people to witness our idiocy.

Or when you answer the phone and you expect it to work. Hello? Hello? Yeah, I’m here. Hello? Yeah, I’m here. Helllloooo? *Presses buttons on the phone* I can hear that, but I can’t hear you. Is it working now? Hello? Click. Stupid Vonage (vo-nij). Honey, we need to do something about this Vonage (voe-naj) thing. Actually, dear, it’s pronounced Vonage (vah-nij)? I don’t care, it sounds French.

Speaking of the French… isn’t it interesting that Chirac is leading the charge against Iran’s nuclear program? Quite a turn from their position on Iraq. I have a sneaking suspicion that the riots led by a predominately Muslim crowd might have swayed public opinion a bit there. France has experienced first hand what a group of angry Arabs look like. Perhaps they’re imagining what a group of angry Arabs with nuclear weapons looks like and it’s given them some incentive.

And did you hear about the wrath of the liberals Chris Matthews has brought down upon himself? He compared Michael Moore to Osama Bin Laden. Well, that’s just absurd. First, the two look nothing alike. Secondly, Moore’s movies are much more exciting. And third, Michael Moore doesn’t like guns (see Bowling For Columbine) whereas Bin Laden can’t seem to address his people without having a few strewn about. As ridiculous as his comparison is and as justified the liberals are in calling for an apology, I can’t help but wonder what these same liberals are saying about Harry Belafonte calling Bush a ‘terrorist’ and the Department of Homeland Security the ‘Nazi Gestapo’. Correct me if I’m wrong, but I didn’t see any links to a “Tell George Clooney He’s Wrong For His Crude Jokes About Jack Abramoff’s Name” websites. But then, I’m not usually clicking around liberal websites… too many porn popups.

But what can you expect when freedom of speech gets decoupled from personal responsibility and absolute morality?