March’s 30 Day Challenge: Dismal Failure

A few days ago, a commentator on NPR made the comment that the Internet is like a gated community where we only present our best personas to try to impress people. Well, let me just disprove that right now by telling you that March was a dismal failure.

For those of you not following along, instead of a year-long resolution, I’m attempting 12 different 30 day challenges. The challenge for March was to be off the computer by 9pm every day.

Unfortunately, between deadlines at church and two big site relaunches at work, there were a whole lot of factors that made it almost impossible to succeed with this challenge. I also found that as a parent of small children, I didn’t want spend time on the computer while they were awake which left me with a lot of backlog after they’d gone to sleep.

The other thing I realized was how much the computer is an integral part of everything I do. If I wanted to watch a movie in my bedroom, I did it on our laptop. If I took a picture, it was usually on my iPhone. Jess and I often play Word with Friends together—which happens on the iPhone.

I’m not sure if that means we’re living in the post-PC era or if I just have an addiction. Either way, at least you guys get to see me failing every now and again.