28 Days of Photos: A Recap

February Photo Challenge

We just crossed over into March, which means my February photo challenge is done. I’m not sure if it’s because February only has 28 days this year, but the end of this challenge caught me completely by surprise. Here and gone.

It was a fun challenge, though not much of a challenge for me since I’m such a shutterbug by nature. The challenge typically went something like this: take pictures throughout the day that summarized it’s events; sift through them at the end of the day to find the one that best represented the mood of the day; post that one with a summary of the day.

Of course, if you were following along at home, you noticed there were a few days where I gave it not that much thought. Those were the days I forgot about the challenge until I was lying in bed at night. And sad to say, there was one day that I forgot altogether (the 22nd).

As a sidenote, I had a lot of fun building the challenge site. I piggy-backed off the Flickr api I’m already leveraging for photos.plasticmind.com, but changed the presentation significantly to take advantage of Flickr’s new larger thumbnail size. I also added in some CSS3 transition effects to make the overall experience nicer and dropped in some social tools to make it easy for Facebook and Twitter users to share and react to each photo. I’m probably going to build this new format out across the entire photo site when I get some free time.

All in all, though, it was a good experience and certainly one I’d like to try again. Did any of you do a photo challenge for February? Some other challenge? I’m going to post another update in the next few days about my March challenge (no computer after 9pm!), but I’d love to hear about how you’re making out on these 30 day challenges…