The Gospel According to Mozilla

In the spirit of my Firefox-as-a-dictionary post a few weeks ago, here’s a few more quick smart keyword tips that have made my Bible study just a little faster.

Using FireFox for Bible Study

When it comes to serious Bible study, I use e-Sword, the best, most comprehensive and free-est Bible program out there. But if you’re like me, my browser is always open, so for a quick verse lookup, nothing can beat this smart keyword Bible Gateway search. Here are three Bible version quick searches:

Name: Bible Gateway: KJV Lookup
Keyword: kjv

Name: Bible Gateway: NKJV Lookup
Keyword: nkjv

Name: Bible Gateway: ESV Lookup
Keyword: esv

Name: Bible Gateway: NIV Lookup
Keyword: niv

Now when you’re looking for a verse, simply type the version then either the reference or the keyword you’re looking for in your address bar and hit enter. For example, “kjv john 3:16” or “niv living water”. Bam. Results.

(If you’re looking for another translation, you can find the version ids if you look in the source code at the version dropdown list… look for the whole list and you’ll see value=”xx”, that’s the id number. You can replace the version numbers above with the id of whichever translation you’d like and it should work fine. Can’t figure it out? Drop me a line.)

Using FireFox as a Cookbook

For a list of quick ideas for dinner tonight, use this handy recipe:

Keyword: r

Now just type “r scungilli” and gives you a huge list of recipes.

Want something a bit more substantial than an ad-plastered hodge-podge list of recipes? Check out — nearly every day Elise posts a new recipe or technique, replete with gorgeous photos and a great story. We’ve never tried a recipe of hers we didn’t like.