The Style Contest

Well, this is one of those things that has more to do with my business than my personal life. But then a.) since I own my own business, they are one and the same and b.) I’m not getting paid for this. Essentially, several friends of mine from the Movable Type community approached me and asked me to help them put together a style contest so that people who use Movable Type, LiveJournal or TypePad could some high quality styles to choose from for their site. And as much as people groused that Six Apart (parent company for all three of these projects) charged for their services, one of the benefits is that they can offer a lot of prize money–we’re talking thousands of dollars here.

The goal is to have a huge collection of top-notch styles that people can then use on their own site. And we’re currently working on incorporating this whole process into StyleCatcher to make upgrading the look of your site as easy as selecting a style you like.

The wheels are turning fast now. I’ll let you all know when we’ve got more nailed down!