PlasticMind Hosting: Take 1

Lots of new things going on in my life. First I begin a design company, then I begin a marriage, then I begin a cruise, then I begin my new job, and now (drumroll please) I’ve launched … well, sort of. You can at least drool at my minimalistic panel, in awe of it’s simple design and complex CSS wizardry. Unless, of course, you’re a customer, in which case you can log in to your domain control panel or webmail. Makes you want to be a customer, right?

And yes, Angela, Allen, John and Pam … you’re next.

Oh, and a little dance-of-joy tidbit: My total comments are about to surpass my total posts on this site. Here’s to you, my great, massive (chuckle) readership.

CURRENT STATS (as of this post)