Laptop Surgery

UPDATE: Well, after a long, tedious surgery and a few mishaps involving thermal compound, I’ve pieced it together and it’s running like a charm. Matter of fact, it’s running SO quietly that I thought the fan wasn’t working! Hurrah for geekism!


Well, so I did it.

Never As It Seems

I dove headlong into a complete dissection of my laptop, being sure to place every screw in the right place for reassembly. But then, it’s never as easy as it seems:

Laptop Surgery

Come to find out, the problem with my shutdowns is an overheating problem this model of eMachines is notorious for. I pulled it all apart, dusted everything well, but noticed that where the massive heatsink and CPU came to gether the thermal paste was gooped everywhere but where it was supposed to be. And it was dry and flaky like dried toothpaste. So I cleaned it off with alcohol (astringent in a pinch) and I’m going to run to the store tomorrow to get some Artic Silver or Ceramique to hopefully bring Lazarus back from the dead.

The Holy Grail

Hopefully, I’ll still be able to recover all the data from my laptop.

But then, I’m a good boy. I backup. Thank you iPod. Isn’t she cute? Of course I mean Jessica. <grin>