We’re Baaaack!

Well, the brand new Gardner’s are home, trouble is, I’m out DSL until Friday. Seems as though Verizon doesn’t work quite that fast (that fast being 3 weeks). I have lots of great pictures and video and even entries that I want to post. So many things to say in this great time of my life and here I am with no outlet. So I’m left storing it up, and I hope you all don’t mind too much.

To give you an idea of the picture, I’m here at the email lounge at PBU posting this while Jess unpacks at home. You understand why I don’t write more? Thought you would.

But take heart. I have hundreds of video clips and photos from the wedding and hundreds more from Bermuda. Some of the shot from Bermuda you just will not believe… they are gorgeous.

I also want to again say thank you to everyone who made the wedding possible. I’ll elaborate more when I get online at the apartment, but suffice it to say ( and it certainly doesn’t come close to sufficing) that everyone has been so very gracious to us both. Thank you.

For those that want to get in touch, our new address and phone number is:

Box 234
200 Manor Ave
Langhorne, PA 19047

Give us a call! We miss everyone greatly and look forward to visits. We are definitely a very social couple (as is being evidenced as time marches on) and can’t wait to enjoy a visit from you.

Shout outs to Chris Rose… he took my advice and planted a tree in honor of our wedding!!!

Check back soon. You’ll find lots more stuff to see here shortly…

UPDATE: I’m backdating all of my journal entries from the honeymoon, so this entry will appear before all the honeymoon entries. Roughly translated, you’ll have to scroll down to find the new honeymoon posts!