Apple’s Big Thing

Steve Jobs, every geek’s Santa Claus, just spilled some seriously tasty beans. Here’s what Apple has in store for us:

  • iPod with FM tuner
  • Mac OS X 10.4.4 released with all sorts of new widgets
  • New iLife released: iWeb, iMovie, iDVD, iPhoto
  • Photocasting, aka the Flickr Killer
  • “For years intel chips have been bored in a PC…”: First iMac with the Intel processor – same price, 3x the speed – supports universal binaries
  • First MacBookPro with dual Intel processors, 4x-5x faster – same price as before; 5.6lbs, iSight, FrontRow: 1.67Ghz$1999, 1.83Ghz $2499

Microsoft’s old slogan was: “Where Do You Want To Go Today” — seems as though Apple is pushing the slogan “This Is Where You Want To Go Today.”

Check out their new ad: “For years, intel chips have been stuck inside pc’s…”