A Whole New Paradigm

Well, you know how I am when it comes to talking things up.

But no, really, this should be interesting.

I’m going to be moving this blog to a new domain and giving it the respect it deserves. When my own dad can’t even remember my blog URL, you know it’s time for change. I’ve got lots of big things in the works for the new site, including a brand new name (PlasticMind=strictly business), some snazzy AJAX tricks (read: customizable look and feel via DOM manipulation), seamless forum integration (forums -> dialogue), a more comprehensive integration of others RSS feeds and some sweet looks to boot (Mario is maddening me).

I’ll announce some of the changes here soon. I’ve got the look pretty much ironed out and I’ve purchased the domain name. Now I’m going to hold it until it’s all up and running smoothly, which may take some time.

Also, I’m going to be launching PlasticMind v2.0 in celebration of Web 2.0. More on that tomorrow.