Hollow Ornaments

Dark shelves were made for hollow ornaments,
Brightly twinkling and luring the eye,
Sending slivers of colorless rainbows,
Lightly tinkling a passionate song,
Formed a dissonant melody slow.

Look deep to the fields through the circle of glass
And the mist of the dew disappears.
The diamond butterfly aimlessly flits
From the rose with the rotting stem.

Pegasus starts and quivers his mane,
Flaring nostrils-twitching ears-
Bending slowly-grazing grass-
Emerald-empty as space.

The ornament sits at a distance,
Far enough to forbid more than glance.
Why do they stare?

Dark emptiness, deep as the silent sparrow,
Cold as the icy flames,
Embraces and controls me-
My comfort and my fear.