The oil and gas royalty and mineral rights community is a topic that does not lend itself to simplicity, which made it all the more important to do it right and explain it to readers in simple, easy-to-understand language!

Dave Ojeda approached us with just that task. This is a guy who sent us a handwritten postcard thanking us after we sent him the proposal. Personal interaction matters as much to him as it does to us, so this project really was a joy to work on.

We started with mockups and, after settling on a final design, built the site on Six Apart’s Professional Website template for Movable Type. Using this platform gave us a great deal of versatility and power which ultimately meant Dave now has more power to reach people.

We also created some custom illustrations to help explain the Regroup process to folks, and we got Dave blogging!

Completed: June 22, 2008

Our Role: Illustration, Interface, Web

Specializing In: CSS, Movable Type, PHP, XHTML

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