A simple site designed for Oxford Valley Chapel's Young Adult Ministry.

Oxford Valley Chapel was looking for an effective way to reach younger adults with their new church ministry, so we went for the mnemonic approach--our very first potato-centric design. Using the YAM acronym as a springboard, we designed brochures and a website that are both attention-getting and informative.

We used large, bold text with an unusual image to capture attention, with the details accessible but not predominate. This was especially important since the church is in it's first stages of starting the program, and bringing in people from outside the church is a must; so the emphasis was on the initial hook, with more details offered via the phone and the website.

Further design plans include a t-shirt with a solitary yam and the slogan on the front, specifically to generate interest in the program itself. Once the program picks up, the site and perhaps even the brochure may be "realigned" to fit the new goals, but for now, it serves the purpose.

Completed: May 14, 2006

Our Role: Identity, Print, Web

Specializing In: CSS, Movable Type, XHTML

Status: Retired