eComm 2009

After the hard work of Lee Dryburgh and the smashing success of eComm 2008, we faced a new set of challenges moving forward.

Now that it was clear the conference was here to stay, we had to start future-proofing our site structure. The conference websites were separated from the umbrella media website and relegated to their own directories (requiring extensive .htaccess work). Speakers now have yearly profiles as well as global profiles. The eComm blog is now year independent.

But it wasn’t all challenge. Since much of the main structure had been established with last year’s site, we were free to create a much richer user experience for the 2009 site. A much cleaner design draws attention to this year’s content. A jQuery-powered speaker carousel lets people know who’s speaking. We’re even publishing the schedule in iCal format to make it easy for people to subscribe.

For more information about the eComm logo, read about its design over at the Plasticmind Blog. You can also see the finished logo in the photo set that James Davidson took of the conference.

Completed: October 20, 2008

Our Role: Interface, Web

Specializing In: CSS, Javascript, jQuery, Movable Type Community Solutions, PHP, RSS, XHTML, XML

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