CAD Sciences

Traditionally, medical sites have been as dull as Freshman chem classes; but just because the information is highly specialized doesn't mean it has to disengage it's readers.

This was our approach with CAD Sciences: create a site that was professional enough to match the cutting edge technologies and clientel, yet simple enough for first-time users to navigate and discover information.

Conferences, advertisements, research briefs, press releases and product descriptions are all powered by Movable Type, giving CAD Sciences the power and flexibility to assign different site updating roles within the company.

Most importantly, the modular nature of the CSS and XHTML allows for easy implementation of the new design into other sections (i.e. member pages, custom registration pages).

We provided not only website design and development, but also related design elements like PowerPoint templates for conferences and meetings to help present a complete and effective impression.

Completed: October 9, 2006

Our Role: Illustration, Interface, Web

Specializing In: CSS, Digital Artwork, Movable Type, PHP, Powerpoint, XHTML

Status: Retired