Oxford Valley Chapel Revision

The original OVC site was a good start towards using the web more effectively as a church; but the dark colors and narrow design made it difficult to organize and feature content well.

We lightened up the palette, threw out the boundaries and changed gave the logo a slight makeover (the serifs were stifling the fresh, modern feeling we were going for). The obscure menu wording was exchanged for something a bit more understandable. We also integrated several very important technologies that make updating and collaboration on the site very simple: the calendar and upcoming events are powered by the Google Calendar API; the church photos are powered by the Flickr API and the sermons resource center is powered by Movable Type.

And we didn’t just “revise” the website. We took the subtle color, font and logo changes implemented there and redesigned most of the church’s printed material: church bulletins, business cards and letterhead.

Completed: July 16, 2008

Our Role: Identity, Illustration, Print, Web

Specializing In: Amazon Marketplace, CSS, Flickr, Google Calendar, Movable Type Community Solutions, Photography, PHP, Podcasting, Powerpoint, RSS, XHTML

Visit Site: http://oxfordvalleychapel.org