eComm 2008

When O’Reilly cancelled ETel 2008, Lee Dryburgh fought hard to keep the community of emergent communications activists alive by organizing eComm 2008. The conference was a rethink of the trillion dollar communications industry, a challenge to industry leaders who have largely remained stagnant.

Because of ETel’s last minute cancelation, Lee needed an tremendous amount of design work done in a very short amount of time: identity design, information architecture, marketing artwork and a conference site built on Movable Type Community Solution. It was such a pleasure to be involved with the creative process from start to finish: crafting the eComm logo back in November, designing PowerPoint templates in January for presenters, coming up with artwork for swag in February, the final push to create conference materials like signs and program guides and then ultimately seeing all those creative decisions and hard work up on stage adding punch to an already monumental conference.

The key concept for the conference was connectivity—social and technological. So I wanted that to be a prominent theme in the logo. You can read more about it’s design over at the Plasticmind Blog. You can see the finished logo in the photo set that James Davidson took of the conference.

Completed: July 16, 2008

Our Role: Identity, Interface, Print, Web

Specializing In: CSS, Digital Artwork, Movable Type Community Solutions, PHP, XHTML

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