BetterFields Plugin Demo (v.0.8)

With the exception of the Entry Body and Extended Entry fields, all of the textareas in Movable Type are plain text inputs. BetterFields uses jQuery to convert all of these fields into WYSIWYG editors on the fly using the jWYSIWYG editor. The implementation is simple: call to jQuery and jWYSIWYG from the app and initialize it in the HTML header. All the transformations happen on the front end via Javascript.

Note: BetterFields modifies nearly all the textareas in Movable Type, so it does work with MTOS; but you're going to need Movable Type Professional if you want Customfields (which BetterFields also modifies).




  • 04/10/09 - v.0.8 - Editor bug fixed on page editing screen (limited to customfields loop)
  • 02/05/09 - v.0.7 - Fields can now be resized // Toggling between RTE and HTML view enabled // Editor only enabled for Customfield loop on entry editing page // Replaced <mt:var name="config.staticwebpath"> with <mt:var name="static_uri"> (Kevin Shay)
  • 02/03/09 - v.0.5 - Fixed default jWYSIWYG CSS to fit MT look and feel // Moved initiation to initiate.wysiwyg.js to avoid MT include issues
  • 02/03/09 - v.0.1 - Initial release

Known Issues

  • Menu items should be disabled in HTML view
  • Initialization JS should be inline, not another HTTP request
  • Margin-padding issues
  • Tool panel icon positioning issues
  • Users should be able to implement BetterFields for front-facing comment forms
  • Place "WYSIWYG on/off by default" option on user profile screen
  • Plugin setting for choosing which sections BetterFields is enabled for: entries, pages, categories, folders, comments, trackbacks, authors, etc. (Dan Wolfgang)
  • Fields need resizing handles
  • Disable editor for outbound trackback and entry body fields
  • Allow toggling between RTE and HTML view