Stories at or about Pensacola Christian College. I'm sure most of this will blow right over your head, and if not, welcome to the alumni club! If you have something to contribute to this ever growing list, please send it to me!

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The Horton Supremacy

Want to do something that will make you feel naughty, look over your shoulder for an approaching floorleader and bring about a titillating sense of euphoria?

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Graduation Day 2000

I wrote this the night I graduated. I was in a motel room with my parents, and I couldn't sleep. I knew I had to put down in words what I was feeling on this very big day.

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Morbid, Part 1: Tiny Little Holes

As part of our pseudo-ritual, Kinsey Dickey, Steve Rahn and I would goof around during particularly dry Wednesday evening services. Kinsey marked the beginning of the morbid series by sharing with us her poem, Tiny Little Holes:

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Morbid, Part 2: The World's Plaything

After reading Kinsey's morbid poem, Steve Rahn followed suit with an even more pathetic poem:

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Morbid, Part 3: Corpse

Not to be outdone and seizing an opportunity to use my powers of melodrama, I composed my very own piece of literary morbidity:

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Passing Notes

I was looking through an old journal (one of my first) and found this inscription by James Cowart, scribbled during the Sunday PM church service in the Sport Center, with the dim, blocky image from the screen reflecting on the high gloss floors and the echoes making a blessing virtually impossible...

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Stranded at a Truckstop

I wrote this on my senior cuts with Chris Rose; we were headed up to his house in South Carolina when the alternator went on the car and we were stuck at this truckstop that itself seemed stuck. I learned a few interesting Broadway dance steps that night.

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The Commons Tree

The melodrama continues, this time with a tree and a fiberglass base...

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Outside Coberly North

Yes, over-the-top. But I thought I'd share some observations I made of the campus while still learning to write.

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Why I Would Make A Good Junior Class Officer

by the one and only Jeremy Killian

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Can I Come Back?

Found this while e-rooting through my hard drive... though it may come as a shock to most of you, I did get kicked out of PCC, and this was my (melodramatic) letter requesting permission to return and finish my degree.

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PCC Pledge Page

Had to do it for old time's sake...

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