Ten Random Things

1. I ran out my door just a few minutes ago and banged my elbow so hard my arm went numb and completely cold. It’s feeling better now.

2. In third grade, I used to turn the water in the bathroom on as hot as it would go, so when the girls would come in to wash their hands, they’d get scalded and we’d (the guys) would snicker outside the restroom.

3. Dirkon: The Paper Camera

4. Filibusters are irrational. Let’s get rid of them.

5. From a song I’m writing: “questioning inside and chasing voices round and round my head tonight it’s like a game we used to play but now the stakes are much too high to play the fool”

6. My cat has weird lumps on her back. I wonder if they’re tumors. She’s 18.

7. Intolerable Beauty – Portraits of American Mass Consumption

8. I think Ty Pennington is cooler than Ryan Seacrest. Ryan is a bit too cocky.

9. Halo Meets Napolean Dynamite

10. Sometimes washing of the hands after going to the bathroom is less sanitary than not washing. Case in point: convenience store restrooms. Who knows the germs that are dancing around on those water faucets just waiting to breed on your skin? So I sometimes flush with my foot, turn on the hand drier (so people at least think you washed) and use my elbows to push open the door.

*whew* Glad I got that off my chest.