Bookmarks for Creating New Google Docs

I’ve started using Google Docs a lot more lately, but I found it hard to quickly create a new doc. After a bit of searching online, I found some bookmarks that make it easy to spin up a new Google doc/sheet/presentation/drawing:

➕ New Google Doc —
➕ New Google Sheet —
➕ New Google Presentation
➕ New Google Drawing

Drag them to your bookmark bar and click them to easily create new Google docs. Much faster.

But there’s a problem here… if you’ve got multiple Google accounts, you can’t control which account the new documents get created in. I’ve got 3 different Google accounts — 10up, Plasticmind, and my original Gmail account.  When I click any of those URLs above, new documents are created with my original Gmail account, and that’s almost never what I want. I want to be able to easily spin up new Google docs in the account of my choice.

A Multiple Account Solution

I messed around with the URLs and discovered a URL scheme that supports multiple accounts. . Note: You’ll need to edit these to include the appropriate account ID.

➕ New Google Doc —[ID]/create
➕ New Google Sheet —[ID]/create

➕ New Google Presentation
➕ New Google Drawing

To figure out the ID for each of your accounts, simply bring up Google Drive in the browser and switch accounts with the account dropdown. You’ll see a /u/X/ in the URL where X is the account id. That changes depending on the active account. Create your desired bookmarks accordingly.


Look at the URL for creating a new document with my Plasticmind account:

Compare that with the URL for creating a new document with my 10up account:

Google assigned my Plasticmind account an ID of 0 and my 10up account an ID of 1. So I’ve edited the URLs accordingly and created two different sets of bookmarks:

New documents with my Plasticmind account:

New Google Doc (PMD) —
New Google Sheet (PMD) —
New Google Presentation (PMD) —
New Google Drawing (PMD) —

New documents with my 10up account:

New Google Doc (10up) —
New Google Sheet (10up) —
New Google Presentation (10up) —
New Google Drawing (10up) —

Multiple Accounts Don’t Work

The solution I initially suggested doesn’t really work. I wrongly assumed that the id in the Google doc url was based on the order in which the accounts were created and therefore wouldn’t change. Turns out they’re actually based on the order you log into those accounts, e.g. I logged into Plasticmind first so it was 0, I logged into 10up next so it was 1. This means that my suggested bookmarks only work until your login order changes, making this approach unsustainable.

You can technically use the Chrome account switcher to switch between accounts and still use those bookmarks up top. But Chrome forces one account per browser window which feels artificial and stifling. I’ll keep looking.